LOGIX - Enterprise Resource Planning

Our ERP ystem is capable of managing several administrative Areas independently with great Reports.

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The support service solutions in the standard one of the most basic services, which is characterized by providing, where we provide to all our customers in any areas where ...

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Human Resource Management System

Our HRM Application provides the easiest and best way to manage the company's Human Resources solutions.

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Project Management System

Project management system is linked to the budget system in terms of items and link them and associated warehouse system in terms of receipt of materials is also linked to the financial system in terms of exchange and inventory control in terms of registration of the Covenant and the requesting party.

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Law Firm Management System

An integrated system of human resources and personnel salaries, incentives and Hsmyat them and leave their own files and so on.

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Message Tarasul System

The administrative communications department is the link between the departments of the establishment, the government departments and the institutions.

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Container Management System

The container leasing system is a unique system that helps the owner of the organization to know the performance of the institution easily and easily, through the quick reading of the results and for any period through reports issued by the program.

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Majalis Pro

Was created in response to the information security department with the Saudi market needs to provide effective protection of electronic information.

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GRP - Government Resource Planning

Standard solutions provide unique services and non-traditional businesses and institutions in the field of e-marketing and e-commerce.

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